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Do you need oven, carpet or upholstery cleaning?

Washing your carpet and upholstery is as important as regular vacuuming. Even with regular vacuuming, over time your carpets will become dull, flat and worn. This is because vacuuming does not remove oily or deep down dirt that damages your carpet. Cleaning your carpet also removes contaminants and allergens which may have a beneficial effect on people who suffer from allergies or asthma.



Commercial Carpet cleaning?

We provide commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses in Liverpool and beyond who have premises with large carpeted floor spaces. We are flexible and are able to provide full carpet cleaning services to suit your needs and time constraints. We also provide wipe-down of all surfaces and regular vacuuming services too. We have the staff to perform the service quickly and without fuss. Our equipment is top of the range meaning that the carpets and flooring is dry within hours.


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